Pedro Cabral and Amerigo Vespucci`s travelling to the Brazilian coast

Discovery of Brazil

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The expedition had to be started in 1493. Probably, preparation works were realized out of the Pyrenean peninsula and in Madeira Islands. As hot days had passed and stormy weathers were characteristic for autumn of those latitudes, this work had to be carried out on the north-western coast of Africa. They had to use other islands in order to prevent risks. From this standpoint, the most convenient geographical location was the location of Green Cape Islands and remote western point of Africa located near the Gulf of Guinea. Portugal, which didn’t want to declare its regard for the mentioned division, began to declare dissatisfaction after a year and demanded the Pope to move the demarcation line for 270 liq towards the west. Representatives of both kingdoms met with the participation of Alexander VI in Tordesillas in 1494 and the demarcation line was moved for 370 liq away from Azores (for 2200 km towards the west from those islands) according to the next treaty concluded on June 7. According to the treaty of Tordesillas, all territories located in the east of the demarcation line belonged to Portugal, but lands located in the west belonged to Spain.


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The writer, researcher and publicist Ramiz Daniz was born in Baku in 1965. He has been a President grant holder since 2009 and he is a laureate of the “Golden pen” award.Ramiz Daniz was a participant of Karabakh war. He works in the Oil Refining Factory of SOCAR. 

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Pedro Alvaresh Cabral, Duarte Pacheco Pereira, Pope Sixtus IV, Pope Alexander VI, King of Portugal Manuel I, King of Portugal Juan II, Amerigo Vespucci, Vasco da Gama, Bartolommeo Dias, Discovery of Brazil, Demarcation line

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