Performance Testing - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

For Sales order creation web service by Deploying BlazeMeter and JMeter

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Performance testing is an important and necessary test process to ensure that there are no problems with the performance of the product, such as: long download time, poor response time and poor scalability. In addition, these types of testing activities help to identify bottlenecks that interfere with the operation of the hardware-software platform of the product resource and can lead to significant delays in performance and even to the failure or crash of the resource as a whole. Apache JMeter and BlazeMeter are sufficient automation tools to accelerate and utilize performance-testing processes at this stage. Based on the results of various performance tests, software and hardware engineers will develop and implement a set of measures to improve the performance of both individual modules and the resource as a whole. After the implantation of fixes and updates, as well as to verify performance after scheduled and restoration service work in the hardware-software environment of the product, it is necessary to conduct a regression test for validation of the performance of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Shahid Ali


Dr. Shahid Ali is a senior lecturer and IT program leader at AGI Education Limited, Auckland, New Zealand. Research interests include ensemble learning, machine learning, data mining. Andrii Chernenko is good with programming and algorithmizing at University. Expert in hardware and software, solved a wide range of business problems in this sapphire.


Andrii Chernenko


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Microsoft Dynamics 365, Performance Testing (Smoke, scalability, load, Volume, Stress, Spike), Automation Testing Tools (Apache JMeter, BlazeMeter)

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