Green Street and Transport using Super-capacitor

Solar Cell and Super Capacitor, Fuel for Transports

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Energy efficiency and conservation has been a heavily focused subject in recent years. With the advent of new technologies, as well as innovations to previous ones, using renewable sources of electricity widely and efficiently is gradually becoming a reality. This project attempts to harness the limitless energy of the sun and utilize it for purposes such as lighting streets and powering vehicles. Using devices such as solar cells, super-capacitors and LEDs, we investigated whether such a project is feasible or not. The process involves converting solar energy through solar cells and using super-capacitors to store and use it for predefined purposes. The project was implemented successfully at a model scale. Super-capacitors allow a significant amount of energy to be stored, which ensure that limited daylight hours do not cause any shortage in the power reserve. When it comes to street lamps, LEDs provide a much more energy efficient source of lighting than incandescent bulbs, significantly reducing energy consumption. The results of this project shows that these technologies have practical applications and can be implemented to face our energy crisis.


Mohammad Mofassair Hossain Bhuiyan


The author has completed BSc in EEE and M.Eng in Telecommunication from AIUB, Banagladesh. After his service of 5 years in Power Generation and Infrastructure Developer company, he is presently pursuing a Master's in TH Koln in Communication System and Networks.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Solar, super capacitor, energy storage, hibrid battery, Charge Controller

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