Teaching 21st Century Skills in the 8th Form

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The main aim of this work is to underline the main concepts connected to the 21st century skills (herein referred to as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration), and to identify methods and techniques of training these skills together with teaching content. This paper is divided into two chapters. The first chapter offers an overview of the concepts and definitions related to the 21st century skills methodology. It also incorporates characteristics and peculiarities of 21st century skills, and provides a number of teaching techniques used in teaching them. The second chapter is a practical one. The author has made a comparative analysis of the American and Moldovan textbooks in order to prove that the Moldovan textbook does not focus on all the 21st century skills development. At the end, a lesson is proposed that integrates skills development and content teaching.


Olga Iancevskaia


Olga Iancevskaia was born in Beltsy, Republic of Moldova. She received a bachelor's degree in English Language Teaching from Alecu Russo State University. Currently, she is an editor at Lambert Academic Publishing.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


21st century skills, Republic of Moldova, education system

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EDUCATION / Administration