Denture Esthetics

Denture Esthetics is mainly portrayal of a physiologic norm and an actual improvement in the attractiveness of the smile

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The term esthetics was coined in 1750 to designate thescience of sensuous knowledge which gave beauty, in contrast to thescience of logic which gave truth. Facial appearance is of great concern toeveryone, for it is significant part of the self-image 49 . The loss ofteeth, because of the effect on facial appearance, often createstremendous psycho logic trauma for a patient. There are, however, basic principles to guide the dentist in providing the patient with a natural looking result. Esthetics goes much further than the simple placement of teeth in occlusion rims.The dentist must consider both the anatomy and physiology of theface, as well as artistic principles, to achieve a natural lookingdenture. Dentures determine the appearance of the lower one third ofthe face in edentulous patients. The teeth and their supporting basesare responsible for maintaining a pleasing and normal facialexpression for they hold the lips and facial musculature in properphysiologic position.


Nag Bhushan Mandal


I, Dr. Nag Bhushan Mandal completed my BDS from Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and my MDS from IDS, Barielly. I joined Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital in 2012 and is currently working as an Associate Professsor. 


Debtrisha Mallick


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