Survey and Design

Dental surveyor accomplishes the procedure necessary to rationalize the design and construction of a partial denture

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The successful use of a cast partial denture for a patient requires careful understanding of principles, forces acting on a partial denture,distribution of stress and design considerations.Equally important for all the designs are the length of edentulous span, quality of support of ridge, clasp design, denture base consideration and indirect retention.Swing lock partial denture would satisfy most of the requirement for the periodontally compromised dentition or patients with few remaining teeth.The use of surveyor would help the dentist to achieve optimum retentive undercuts, remove the interferences from maxilla and mandible,help to determine esthetic placement of clasps, determine the proper path of insertion and removal of prosthesis.The use of the removable partial denture for the patient with maxillofacial deformities is a challenge. Biological, physiological and psychological requirement have to be well satisfied for the treatment to be a success.It is critical to have a thorough knowledge of various factors on treatment planning and hazards inherent to prosthetic intervention.


Nag Bhushan Mandal


I, Dr. Nag Bhushan Mandal have completed my BDS from Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital and my MDS from IDS, Barielly. I am currenly working as an Associate Professor in Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital. I have been associated with teaching profession in this college since the last 8 years.


Akanksha Kumari


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