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Training manual based on Tim Burton's film "Charlie and the Сhocolate Factory"

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This manual is designed to organise classroom and independent work of students with the feature film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", based on the eponymous work of the famous English writer of Norwegian origin Roald Dahl. This film can be used during the final phase of the work on the theme "The Man and his Surroundings. Appearance and character. Family." The film makes you think about eternal human values such as happiness, kindness, honesty, justice. After watching the film it is possible to discuss the following problems: "Happy family", "Mistakes in parenting", "Children's complexes", "Wealth and Poverty", etc. On the basis of the film it is possible to revise and activate the vocabulary on the topics: "Family. Problems of raising children", "Professions", "Human appearance and character". This manual contains information about the plot and the creators of the film, about the writer Roald Dahl, whose work of the same name served as a basis for making the film, excerpts for reading from this work, followed by exercises; besides the manual contains exercises, tasks, as well as questions to be discussed based on the film.


Olga Chernikova


I was born in Kursk, Russia on February 17, 1976. In 1993 I left advanced English school  in Kursk. In 1998 I graduated from Kursk State Pedagogical University, Department of Foreign Languages, where I taught English till 2018. In 2008 I did a PhD on foreign language teaching methods.     

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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