Nutrition Outcomes among HIV-infected adults

with severe acute malnutrition treated with ready-to-use therapeutic feeds in arua regional referral hospital, Uganda

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This book is about the treatment of severely malnourished adults who are HIV infected using Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Feeds (RUTF) in Arua Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda. RUTF has been widely used to manage malnourished patients in Uganda more especially children under the age of five years. However adults of the same condition have for long been ignored. The government of Uganda thought there could be better alternatives for such adults as compared to children when it comes to management of their condition other than the use of RUTF which were not even readily available in the country. The anticipated alternatives for such were actually not available at the disposal of health workers, therefore the health workers decided to use RUTF that was meant for children on adults. Such decision by health workers was not based on local findings on outcomes of this intervention. This study was therefore intended to identify, document and publicize the outcomes of this approach in adults.


Emmanuel Ahimbisibwe


The author studied clinical medicine, Health Service Management andtwo master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Public Health. He has aworking experience of 17 years in Health Sector programing. He workedin both private and public settings at all levels either as a clinician or as amanager. Over 10 years in Public Health Management at National level.


Jacent Asiimwe


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Treatment, HIV INFECTED, therepeautic feeds, Adults

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SCIENCE / Horticulture