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This Book presents the concept of Automation used in the domain of Public Cleanliness and Hygiene. Careless trashing of garbage onto the roads is a common scenario to be found in all developing countries. A Wi-Fi Trash Bin is a concept of an attached Wi-Fi router along with a dustbin. Whenever anyone puts the trash in the dustbin, it automatically detects that trash and generates a temporary Wi-Fi code for the user to connect to free Wi-Fi for a limited period of time. Once the time limit is over it automatically disconnects the user. A single user can use the Wi-Fi twice a day. A Wi-Fi Trash Bin uses multiple technologies. The first is Wi-Fi technology which we have to optimize to make sure that all the generated codes work properly. The second technology used for motion sensing and figuring out how the trash comes in and its movement. The third is entire bridge between the motion sensor and the Wi-Fi network to ensure that they connect at the right time. So it is a mix of hardware and software technologies. Wi- Fi dustbin is a new concept where users get awarded (free Wi-Fi connectivity) for keeping their surroundings clean.


Shekar Yedumuri


Shekar Yedunuri is an optimistic and proactive person from Warangal.. He had a hobby and passion of writing Research articles and Books in emerging technologies. He had published around 10 Scopus indexed Articles and books by Reputed publishers. He successfully completed IUCEE-EPICS Design Thinking Course from Purdue University, USA.


Naveen Kanne


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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