Social Competence and Its Correlates

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Education aims at the optimum multidimensional development of every individual. It includes cognitive, emotional, social, cultural, academic, vocational, information gathering and processing, moral democratic, and ecological competencies. Such well-equipped individuals can withstand various stressors in life, use appropriate conflict management styles in order to cope with the prevailing adverse circumstances, succeed in transforming their unfavorable attitudes towards handling socio-emotional and other relationship-building issues, adopt healthy attitudes to sustain their mental health and exhibit health consciousness. Social competencies can help individuals in developing these competencies, attitudes, and behaviors. COVID pandemic has created peculiar conditions due to lockdowns, social distancing, and COVID-phobia. Social distancing does not mean social alienation. All family members can use their social competencies even when they remain forced to live inside their homes. While going to markets for necessary purchases and responding to the exchange of views on social networking sites, individuals can reap the benefits of their social competencies too.


Karuna Shankar Misra


Karuna Shankar Misra has been a professor of education at the University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, and Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He officiated as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Allahabad. He has his master's degree in Zoology and Education from the Agra University. He was awarded the degree of Ph. D. by the University of Rajasthan.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


COVID, psychology, Social Sensitivity, Social Maturity, social skills, social relations, social commitment, Social Appreciation ability, Socio-emotional integrity, Social involvement, Social respectability, Social Leadership

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