Community With Shared Future

In this book, I have written my memories about my 793 days in China.

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“Community with shared future” is actually global initiative of President Xi Jinping which can be defined as the attainment of common destiny of bright future for the whole humankind regardless of race, nation, country or territory. During September 2015, President Xi Jinping has elaborated this concept in detail in 70th Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. He laid stress that future of the world must be shaped by all countries in the light of win-win cooperation. I think that Pakistan also should follow this concept and learn these values from China because Pakistani democracy has given hatred and divided the people badly on the basis of province, religion, sect, district, race, language, caste and profession. Our politicians divided people to get votes so that they may reach the power corridors but unfortunately people have paid huge price for this in terms of miserable life


Ijaz Kashmiri


We have very good friendship with China, this friendship is sweeter than honey, higher than Himalaya and deeper than Arabian Ocean then why we don’t learn from China. We should take benefit of this friendship and while importing medicines and other things we should also import some values from China. 

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Shared Future, culture, 793 Days, Pakistan, China

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