Dual-Band Microwave Filter for WiMax Application

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Dual-band bandpass filter design is increasingly important with the recent rapid growth, development, and progress in multi-band wireless communication systems. This type of filter is useful for isolating a small section of a frequency spectrum within a wider spectrum. Planar transmission line technologies such as a co-planar waveguide, microstrip, slotline, and stripline, etc. have played, and are still playing a major role in the design of microwave circuits and systems. This book project would utilize microstrip technology for the implementation of the proposed filter. The research objective of this book project is to design, simulate, implement, fabricate, and characterize a dual-band bandpass filter, which should be capable of selecting two of the WiMax frequencies that are currently in operation.


Augustine O. Nwajana


Augustine O. Nwajana received a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of East London, UK, in 2017 and a research CPD certificate in Practical Antenna Design: from Theory to Practice, from the University of Oxford, UK, in 2019.  Dr. Nwajana is currently a lecturer with the Uni. of Greenwich and a Senior Member of the IEEE

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


filter, Microstrip, Dual-Band, resonator, WiMAX, microwave, Dual-Mode

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TECHNOLOGY / Electronics / General