Hybrid manufacturing framework to improve SMMs flexibility

A case study of manual assembly line

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The aim of this work was to define a hybrid manufacturing structure for SMMs using Manual assembling line(s) system. The developed framework, which combines advantages of MTO and Make-to-Stock MTS manufacturing strategies supported by a flexible manual assembly lines setup. This work followed a case study research approach. In quest to achieve the defined objectives, data were extracted and hypotheses tested from Prakash and Chin (2014:15) paper - Case study two. Through this project a manufacturing setting combining MTO – MTS systems supported by a flexible manual assembly lines setup was developed. The hybrid manufacturing system development followed a hierarchical framework comprising three steps; namely, products classification, facility planning – design and hypothesis testing (DES). Therefore, to fulfill this study’s purpose, the findings obtained are outlined in order to answer 3 research sub-interrogations.


Thierry Mukalay


Thierry Mukalay is an Industrial Engineer with a professional experience extending across various industries such Logistics and Supply Chain, Project Management, Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and Education; and he is currently completing his PhD in Industrial Engineering.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Make-to-Order (MTO), Make-to-Stock (MTS), Mass-Customization (MC), Hybrid framework, hybrid manufacturing, SMMs flexibility, Assembly line, Mechanical Engineering, MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY

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