Consciousness from Da Vinci's Mechanical knight to a 2020 Robot

Ethics of Social Robotics and Artificial Intelligence of 21st century of the Anno Domini era

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A social robot is an artificial intelligence (AI) system that is designed to do interaction with humans and other robots. In the workplace, social robots got potential to take over entire job functions, such as greeting and basic customer service. A personal robot can help at home to perform things like cook meals with fresh food, or. Help to cook, by cutting vegetables, mixing things. Manage the fridge and ordering food, with an algorithm like a mind map to reduce waste. Give snacks and drinks to home guests in a party. Cognitive robots get their goals done by perceiving their environment, paying attention to the events that matter, planning what to do, anticipating the outcome of their actions and the actions of other agents, and learning from the resultant interaction through probability concept. They deal with the inherent uncertainty of natural environments by continually learning, reasoning, and sharing their knowledge with global databases. Robot being able to perceive the world from someone else's view point, a cognitive robot can anticipate that person's intended actions and needs. Same applies during direct interaction like, robot assisting a surgeon in hospital theatre.


Kartheek Balapala


Dr Kartheek Balapala is A renowned Scholar of Neural physiology. His research interests include: postural changes in blood pressure, impact of brain function on human behaviour. As medical doctor, he published over 14 books in global markets and a firm believer of autodidactism and metacognition.


Pharaoh Hamambulu


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Turing Test, Sentience, singularity, Robot, cognition

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MEDICAL / Holistic Medicine