Power of Association: Iron sharpens iron

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Many potentially great destinies have been ruined because of wrong associations. As careful as you look at a glass of water before you drink, so should you be when you choose your friends. Otherwise, if you spend time with friends who have bad behaviors, dodge classes, fail in school, fornicate, smoke, drink, use illegal drugs, or cause you to compromise, you will reflect the same behaviors. Disconnecting from such friends is crucial. Abraham could not enter his destiny until Terah died and Lot separated then God spoke and the future became clear. You might not have a clear direction, attend school properly, concentrate in class, succeed in career or business until certain friends walk out of your life or you walk out of their life. Certain people in your life have to leave. Who you associate with can either make or break you. Blessings and lifting are enhanced by the company we keep. You cannot follow the wrong people and expect good results. Who you follow determines what follows you. Your company determines your accomplishment. Have a picture of where you want to take your life to. Remember, what you picture, you can capture.


Joseph C. Pessa


Dr. Joseph Pessa is the founder of Flaming Arrows Ministries (Tz). He served as an elder at Living Water-Makuti Kawe before relocating to Mikocheni ‘B’ Assemblies of God. He lives in Dar es Salaam where he works as a lecturer and serves as an Ordained Deacon at Christ Mandate and Power Ministries Int’l. 

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