Secure Holistic Interoperability for Cellular Communications (SHICC)

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Cellular communication domain is growing in an overwhelming manner. Contrariwise, there are limitations with current attempts towards: reducing complexity, improving shared understanding of the domain, and achieving secure interoperability between different network technologies, as well as between mobile phone operating systems. This book proposes a Secure Holistic Interoperability for Cellular Communication (SHICC). It focuses on an eventual establishment of a holistic understanding of cellular communication and proposing an ontological approach that expresses the domain’s concepts, classes, and properties in a formal and unambiguous way. This attempt presents a tentative incremental approach that lays a solid foundation for reusable and sharable knowledge. It may form a starting point for secure interoperability between different mobile network technologies as well as between mobile phone operating systems. The framework is holistic since it touches important modules from each system component involved in the cellular communication domain. Then commonalities and variabilities between them are highlighted for the purpose of reaching a common understanding of the domain.


Neji Hasni


Dr. Neji is tenacious, technologically conscious, and goal-driven expert. He approaches challenges with intrinsic flair for innovation, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements. He holds an Engineering Degree, a PhD and (03) Master of Science. He’s also active with IEEE, USRA (NASA), GHP Life Sciences and more others. 

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Ontology, Interoperability, Cellular-Communications, Feature-Modeling, UML, Commonalities, Variabilities, Holistic-Framework, security, Reliability

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