The effects of charcoal production on range lands in Lower Juba

Federal Republic of Somalia

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A study was conducted to expose the effect of charcoal production to the range land in Lower Juba region. The specific objectives of this study were; to find out the consequences of cutting tree to the rangeland; to investigate number of stakeholders of charcoal trade and to suggest possible solutions preventing charcoal production. This study adopts explanatory research design using survey design. This study also adopts a descriptive design. Descriptive study relates to characteristics related with the subject population. The target population of the study area was Kismayo town. The estimated target population will be 130 people who are the charcoal exporters, producers and local community. This study also used questionnaire as a tool of data collection from every respondent and helpful for primary data collection. Data was analyzed by using software named Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 22. In addition it was found that promoting cooking gas, tight policy and law against charcoal production, promotions of forestation program and banning charcoal exportation were possible solution that can be prevented.


Mohamed Ahmed Osman


Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Osman has completed his thesis work under his supervisor Mr. Saidi Buyera for the partial fulfillment of his MENVs Master of Environmental Science from Kampala University, Kampala, Uganda.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


charcoal production, Lower Juba region, the range land, cutting tree

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SCIENCE / Ecology