A Practical Phrase-Bank

For Structuring and Writing your Qualitative Research

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As Alan Bryman (2012: 704) rightly put it ‘academic writing is a technical form of writing’ which has its own conventions and thus has to follow specific structure and particular way of wording styles. Good writing is a hard task for everyone but such structuring and wording style for academic papers and dissertations is usually far more difficult for foreign students and non-native researchers. In order to provide some practical tips for those university students and novice researchers whose first language is not English, this booklet is designed to suggest the most common form of structuring styles and various sections in social research. Different academic phrases have been also provided for each section to help students with their wording difficulties to enable them to write more academically and more effectively. Even though many native students also use academic phrase-bank (Davis and Morley 2018: 1), the current booklet is mainly designed for non-native students and researchers.


Reza Bagheri


Dr. Reza Bagheri was born in Tehran. He finished his bachelor’s and master degree in Islamic Studies and Politics in Imam Sadiq University in 2007. By moving to the U.K, he did his PhD in sociology in Edinburgh University. Currently, he is a lecturer in the faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran (Iran). 

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social research, qualitative research, writing up, phrase-bank

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