Do people with selenium deficiency get sicker from HIV in the DRC?

Nine months antioxidant supplementation with selenium and nutrition education for patients infected with HIV in the DRC

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We are working on a project whose outcome is to teach the COVID-19 lessons learned. Our trial is registered at clinicaltrails.gov identifier NCT04424940. In Flanders, a large part of the population has a selenium deficiency. Also, many absorb too little selenium through food, and the selenium status in their blood is often lower than recommended. In Western Europe, selenium deficiencies have already been diagnosed in the elderly, obese, and those with a weakened immune system. In DRC, we don't have the funds to assess if people with selenium deficiency get sicker from the COVID-19. Our approach is uncertain as we will not examine whether the selenium status in the blood can help predict the course of the disease after infection with COVID-19. But with HIV, extra selenium is already being administered. We teach previous studies with a link between selenium deficiency and HIV, we clarify the possible role of adequate selenium status in the disease course of HIV as the selenium status in the blood of the most severely affected COVID-19 patients, including the elderly, obese people and a weakened immune system, has not yet been investigated. So, we contributed indirectly to COVID-19.


Guyguy Kabundi Tshima


GUYGUY KABUNDI TSHIMA, MD, DIU VIH, -Unit of Parasitology, Department of Tropical Medicine, Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, University Hospital of Kinshasa, Faculty of Medicine, Kinshasa University, D.R. Congo. E-mail: guyguytshimakabundi@gmail.com Tel: +1 514 381 9264.  Free Student, School of Public Health, Montreal University.  

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