Pandemic of Covid 19 Porphyria- Kalki, Lotus of Brahma and Asuras

Covid 19 Neanderthalised Brain & Covid 19 Origin from Internet, Remnant Neanderthal Species & Extraterrestrial Source

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The Covid 19 virus can arise from human endosymbiotic archaea in the homo neanderthalic remnant Aryo-Dravidian population in south India and Europe. The endosymbiotic archaea also generates RNA viroids which are converted to DNA viroids by colonic epithelial HERV reverse transcriptase &gets integrated into the human genome. The RNA &DNA viroids hybridise with the viroidal &bacterial population of the gut microbiome and virobiome DNA and RNA of the gut leading to generation of new emerging viruses like Covid 19. Covid 19 & endosymbiotic archaea can have an extraterrestrial source. Endosymbiotic archaea &Covid 19 can be generated on porphyrions templates induced by internet exposure producing global warming and neanderthalisation of homo sapiens. The porphyric homo neanderthalic population is resistant to Covid 19 infection as the generated Covid 19 is bound to porphyrins and inactivated. The homo neanderthalis can infect the non-porphyric homo sapien species. The Covid 19 can affect the homo sapien brain converting the homo sapien brain to the neanderthalic brain. This integrates mind, species &climate change. This produces a return to the age of Asuras.


Ravikumar Kurup


Dr Ravikumar Kurup is the Director of the Metabolic Disorders Research Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala.


Parameswara Achutha Kurup


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Pandemic of covid 19 porphyria, Kalki, Lotus of Brahma, Asuras, Extraterrestrial covid 19, Human generated covid 19, Covid 19 symbiont, Internet and covid 19, neanderthals, Age of asuras

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