Covid19 Porphyrinoids, Humans & Galactic Viral Quantal Computing Cloud

Covid 19 Porphyrinoids and Human Species

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The covid 19 virus can bind to self organized porphyrins producing a porphyrinoid virus. The porphyrinoids are magnetotactic can store information by quantal computation. The porphyrinoids can also self replicate serving as its own templates. The porphyrinoids have got an electron transport chain &can synthesize ATP. Thus the virus porphyrinoid can act as an independent organism out of the body environment. Within the body environment the virus porphyrinoid is resistant to antibodies and drugs &can live &replicate eternally. The covid 19 virus porphyrinoid acts as an eternal symbiont of humans regulating human function and structure. The covid 19 virus porphyrinoid can also exists independent of humans for long times &can replicate outside the human body by template replication. In the case of covid 19 the envelope protein, the nucleocapsid protein & ORF3a proteins are heme containing. The structural proteins of covid 19 virus can bind to porphyrins &the depletion of heme leads to induction ALA synthase & a porphyria pandemic. It is a refractory virus porphyrinoid which can survive within the human body and outside the human body forever as an eternal viral symbiont.


Ravikumar Kurup


Dr Ravikumar Kurup is the Director of the Metabolic Disorders Research Centre, Trivandrum.


Parameswara Achutha Kurup


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Covid 19 porphyrinoid, Human speciation, Intergalactic quantal computing clouds, Homo galacticus

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