Covid 19- Human Contact with Intergalactic Biological Quantal Cloud

Human Communication With Intergalactic Large God-Like Biological Quantal Computing Cloud Producing Global Change

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The virus porphyrinoid usually forms within the endosymbiotic archaea which secretes it. The virus porphyrinoid heme proteins deplete heme and induce ALA synthase increasing porphyrin synthesis. The porphyrins will again self organize to form porphyrinoids and virus porphyrinoid structures. The porphyrin template forms the basis of abiogenetic replication of covid 19, emerging viruses and primitive archaea. Large quantal computing clouds of porphyrinoids, prions, RNA viroids, DNA viroids, archaea, RNA viruses, DNA viruses and other bacteria replicating abiogenetically occupy the intergalactic space. The magnetotactic bacteria and archaea in the intergalactic space quantal computing cloud contributes to the intergalactic magnetic field which plays a vital role in the formation of planets and star systems creating the biological universe. The intergalactic large quantal computing cloud regulates the universe as quantal computer and the universe can be considered as a video game coming out of nothing. The endosymbiotic archaea and emerging viruses like covid 19 are messengers from the God-like giant intergalactic quantal computing cloud and reaches the earth via meteoritic impact.


Ravikumar Kurup


Dr Ravikumar Kurup is the Director of the Metabolic Disorders Research Centre, Trivandrum.


Parameswara Achutha Kurup


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Covid 19 pandemic, Human communication with extraterrestrial aliens, Intergalactic biological quantal computing cloud

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