Cybersecurity and Distributed Systems

Exploring the future of secure decentralized networks

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As an advanced civilization, we rely on communication networks for many important tasks. Due to its necessity and enormity, maintaining and securing such communication infrastructure is an important task. As most communication networks rely on centralized systems, they are bound by the control of a central entity; hence, the next step in an inter-connected world requires a decentralized distributed system that can also provide high levels of security. One possible solution is a dynamic distributed wireless mesh network as it provides all the features of a traditional network along with the flexibility of wireless communication and an infrastructure-less distributed setup.This book investigates the problems and limitations linked to secure dynamic wireless mesh networks and how they can be improved upon and, proposes a new network model for a secure dynamic wireless mesh network including a new routing scheme and a security framework that not only strengthen and secure the dynamic wireless mesh networks but also significantly improve the performance and efficiency as compared to existing approaches.


Ashish Nanda


Dr. Ashish Nanda has been working in the area of Cybersecurity and Distributed Systems and has made significant contributions to the field since. He was awarded his Ph.D. in 2018 by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. Ashish has held a lecturer position at UTS and is a currently Research Fellow at Deakin University, Australia.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Cyber security, Cybersecurity, Distributed Systems, secure decentalized networks, secure networks, future of networks, future of secure networks

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