Jacobus Capitein of Holland and Elmina

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What has the life of a slave boy of the 18th century got to do with people living in the 21st century? Why rake up the spirits of the dead and thrust them in the face of the living? History will never cease to amaze us, not so much in what it teaches about the past, but more importantly in what it tells us about our present existence. I have always had a fascination with the past and have often tried to understand what it was that shaped the lives of the people who lived before us. Why is it that in spite of the many years that separate us from them, we still do many of the things that they also did, sometimes better and sometimes worse? Anyone reading about the life of Capitein cannot help wondering how a short life span of thirty years could be packed with so much drama and intrigue. This was my fascination with the character of Capitein which led me to find out more about him and to commit it to writing for others to read. The account here is a shorter version of the life and work of Capitein and is produced for the benefit of the general reading public, especially for those who are interested in the bare story without a detailed analysis of the events.


David Nii Anum Kpobi


The writer is a Professor of Mission History and teaches at the Trinity Theological Seminary at Legon in Accra. He also researches and publishes on the impact of urbanisation on Christian mission in Africa.

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