The determinants of poverty and inequality in South Africa since 1994

Measuring the past by the future: the story behind the numbers from absolute measures of poverty and inequality

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This book is a culmination of more than twenty years of research and interest in poverty, inequality, development planning, monitoring and evaluation. What are the determinants of poverty and inequality in South Africa since 1994? The role of education, employment or unemployment and income disparities as drivers of poverty and inequality have been at the center of how the two phenomena manifest themselves in society in the post apartheid environment in South Africa. The triple challenge of poverty, inequality and unemployment have been embedded in the long term retrospective legacy of the country`s history and will continue into the future in another long term. Disparities and differentials in levels of service delivery are not the determinants but symptoms of poverty and inequality. Education and unemployment are the twin determinants of poverty and inequality in South Africa. Income differentials further perpetuate the disparities in life circumstances and living conditions in society as poverty and inequality in South Africa are structural in nature. While many people progressed, many remained behind, others even progressed negatively and remained worse off.


Kefiloe Masiteng


Dr Kefiloe Masiteng is the Deputy Secretary for National Planning Commission in the Presidency of South Africa. She was the Deputy Director General at Statistics South Africa responsible for Population and Social Statistics, household surveys and Censuses. She conceptualized the Government-wide Monitoring and Evaluation System.

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poverty, inequality, education, unemployment, income, monitoring, evalaution, development, planning, Government, Measurement

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