The Coach in the Classroom

What happens when you use a coaching approach in an educational environment

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Teaching using a 'Coaching Approach' is carrying out the work of a teacher and 'making use of the skills of a coach'. The combination is awesome. This book aims to encourage teachers to use a coaching approach, for the benefit of their students, and for themselves. Teaching becomes much easier and more effective when a coaching approach is applied. Professional, certified coaches use a coaching approach, on the inside. A coaching approach describes what is happening inside the coach's body and inside their mind while they are coaching. It could be called the hidden skill of coaching. It is apparent in what they do not do, and what they do not say. Certified coaches do not, for example, judge the person they are coaching. That takes practice. Nor do they offer their opinions or experience. That takes even more practice. Not judging and not giving advice are two of the most powerful hidden coaching skills. Coaching skills that are visible and audible include: asking great questions, and listening actively, two skills that come easily to teachers. The addition of the coaching approach may save teachers from quitting the profession or burning out.


Martin Richards


Martin Richards taught Mathematics to teenagers and English to adults for thirty years. He is now a Certified Life Coach. After an assignment from the Swedish Education Authority coaching Primary and Secondary teachers and headteachers, Martin’s Life Mission became to develop the potential of the Education System to its fullest.

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