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Between two languages is a barrier. That is language barrier. How does a speaker of one of the languages learn to speak the other? How does language barrier be overcome so that a native speaker of a language can learn other languages easily? It might not be easy after all. This is so because the differences between two languages are not confined to sound patterns and vocabulary or meaning of words. There is also the sentence structure where words have to be put in order and sentences could be combined in certain ways. Languages have significantly different systems of word order and phrase and sentence combination.Furthermore, styles of expressions also differ between languages. According to Mark C. Baker (2003), no aspect of language is immune to variation.


Hirman Mohamed Khamis


Dr. Hirman Mohamed Khamis has a PhD in Malay Language from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He has been teaching Malay language in public schools in Singapore for about 23 years. Currently he is also teaching the Jawi script (an old form of Malay writing based on Arabic scripts) through public workshops and courses.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


language barrier, Vocabulary, word-by-word translation, vocabulary structure

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