Motivation and innovative and technological resources in CSE

A didactic proposal

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Nowadays, in the 21st century, in the knowledge society and the digital ages, we all are familiar and aware that learn English as a foreign language is essential because it is a lingua franca. In addition to this idea, the new scholar scenarios and the educational realities that our society has, request us to focus on the teaching-learning model towards a more competence model due to its effectiveness. However, this competence model implies that teachers should design materials and innovative tools in their classroom to face one of the greatest problems that we encounter with teenagers: demotivation. For this reason, we must propose motivational activities that allow students to be able to work and understand all the concepts from a student-centered way and also attending all the diversity in our English classrooms. And ICTs can aid us to do it successfully. This proposal based on gamification methodology, such as designing an innovative material and tool that allows working on the main concepts of the curriculum, will be a meaningful tool for the students and also for the teacher to cope with the lack of demotivation of the students and improve the learning of the English language


Carles Perea Rodríguez


Social Educator, English teacher and Psychopedagogist. PHD in didactics, dual training and social pedagogy. Educational researcher

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


compulsory secondary education, motivation, teaching methodologies, Gamification, second language acquisition

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EDUCATION / Administration