The People Smart Skills

People Intelligence for Life and Ministry

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This work discusses people intelligence for life and ministry. It will help you identify the common principles for effective communication and how to improve your effectiveness with People. The book will also help you minister to people better as you learn to hear what they are really saying. It is designed for you to learn how to express your love in ways that people will understand. It will help you overcome your fears and shyness, conduct effective interviews and conversations, teach you how to prepare and convey an effective message and how to be likable, develop positive people habits, deal with clergy killers and maneuver through the difficult people waters. You will learn how to manage your emotions such as anger and social anxiety as well as how to talk with shy, quiet, less social and extroverted people. You will be generally exposed to a wide range of people smart techniques for ministry that will help you be effective in your ministry. The book will also be of great importance if you are in secular business where you lead or deal with people of whatever kind. It's both for church and marketplace ministers who need to learn smart techniques of dealing with people.


Sixbert Sangwa


Dr. Sixbert SANGWA is a Christian Minister commissioned into workplace. Integrating Christian faith into business is my utmost goal. I am NOT perfect. Nor do I have it all figured out. What I do have is a passion to see other Christians experience the impact and fulfillment that comes with living out their faith in every area of their lives.

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Blessed Hope Publishing


Overcome your fears, Deal with difficult people, Talk to shy and quiet people, Ministry effectiveness, How to be likable, How to deal with emotions and social anxiety

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RELIGION / General