Exploring COVID-19: Perspectives and Patterns

A treatise for professionals and public

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These are turbulent times with the novel phenomenon, COVID-19 engulfing, imprisoning, and debilitating the humanity all over the Globe. This book, based on author's research and review articles published in various international medical journals during last 3 months, tells about the present day understanding of the disease and the causative agent. It discusses about the perspective and afflictions the disease can bring about. It visualizes the solutions yet tries to keep aware of the faux despair or false hopes. It aims to dilute the confusion prevailing about the infection, the disease, and its treatment. It also deals with the disease in special groups like the elderly.


Vinod Nikhra


Dr Vinod Nikhra M.D. is physician, researcher and writer. He has written scientific and fiction books, and research and review articles in major journals. He has keen interest in scientific and medical advancements, and literature. He has traveled widely, spoken at medical conferences in various countries and met people from all walks of life.

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Scholars' Press


COVID-19, SARS-CoV-19, Special age groups, Clinical spectrum, Anti-viral treatment, vaccine, Rehabilitation, Post Covid-19 care, Post -Covid-19 follow up

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MEDICAL / Nursing / General