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This is story from reality. certainly there are changed names, some characters of personages, it is not documentary writing, but the happening is taken from reality. A little about the circumstances and new history of Georgia: in the 1980-s began movement for freedom. in 9 of April at 1989, Russian troops attacks to meeting in Tbilisi and kills many people. In 1991 Georgia got freedom from Russia but the life became worse: wars in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region (supported by Russia) and economic collapse. this collapse came from socialistic economic system and plus this wars. We survived somehow this period and in 2000-s there were done some reforms what helped us to go up from slash but this period also brought the situation look like authoritarianism, many people were sent in prison and no one knew how many from them without any crime. Main action in this book is happening in 2011 and there are also some passages from 1990-s and 1980-s.


Nodar Chinchaladze


Born in 31-03-1964, physics and mathematics school finished at 1981, and university at 1989. after university for some awhile was a teacher in secondary school. 1993-95 worked in state audit office. 1995 in business and parallelly teach computer programing languages in computer technological center "Mziuri".

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business, life, love, imprison, honest, friendship

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