Accelerator-Driven Reactor Designed for Nuclear Waste ‎Transmutation

Neutronic Parameters Evaluation for the MYRRHA-FASTEF Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Reactor

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The world’s population increases so rapidly that will place an ‎enormous strain on ‎energy ‎resources. ‎Nuclear power today ‎represents one of the most important contributors to ‎the ‎word ‎electricity ‎supply. ‎Disposal of nuclear waste is critical to the continuous ‎development ‎and future use of ‎nuclear energy. The ‎coupling of an external neutron source to a ‎sub-critical ‎reactor to ‎compose an ‎accelerator driven system (ADS) is a ‎very ‎interesting option to ‎transmutation nuclear waste and ‎improve the safety of nuclear ‎critical ‎reactor in terms of ‎criticality control. The book provides ‎comprehensive information about The nuclear power, ‎nuclear waste and its transmutation ‎strategies, theoretical foundations of the efficiency of ‎accelerator-driven ‎sub-critical reactors, ‎nuclear data libraries, Monte Carlo code MCNPX and ‎WIMS code,‎‎ ‎design ‎and description of the ‎basic configurations of the ‎MYRRHA ‎FASTEF subcritical BoL ‎core ‎‎and the MYRRHA ‎FASTEF ‎subcritical ‎equilibrium core. In addition to ‎calculating the neutronic parameters of the proposed ‎model. The book can be used as a textbook ‎for students of nuclear physics and engineering.‎


Hedarh M. Al-Ssalahy


Hedarh M. Al-Ssalahy is a lecturer of Nuclear physics, ‎Aden University, Yemen. He has a BA. in Education and Science ‎from Aden ‎University in Yemen, and M.S. in nuclear ‎physics from the Faculty of ‎Science, Ain ‎Shams University, Egypt.‎‏ ‏His  interests are the Nuclear ‎Reactors ‎Physics and ‎Programming in nuclear physics.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


spallation reactions, Nuclear Waste Transmutation, neutron production, ‎Neutron Source, Accelerator-Driven Systems, Monte Carlo Simulations, ‎MCNPX, MYRRHA-FASTEF Subcritical Reactor

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SCIENCE / Nuclear Physics