Clinical evaluation of Dadimashatak churna in pediatric IBS management

Clinical study of Ayurveda classical formulation in the management of Grahani school-going children with 10-16 age group

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Teenagers group is the most crucial phase of the whole growth period. In the present era, the impact of time-saving technology of cooking methods and more orientation for the taste of food rather than nutritional value is work as a causative seed to manifests the platform. Along with this, lower potentiality toward the mental irritability works as adding a causative feature to create improper assimilation of food. Results as a poor build-up of this transformation phase lead to reproductive and immunity issues. Ignorance of this aspect gradually develops with a group of diseases. This ayurvedic classical formulation(Dadimashatakchurna) in powder form not only does correction in the management of symptoms but also acts as adequate reconstructive elements for the body. Details study of the Ingredients with their individual effect of mode of action of this drug has been presented in this book with the clinical presentation which helps the reader to a better understanding of its role in irritable bowel syndrome (granhani)


Ranjit Narang


Both authors are having their specialization in Ayurveda from renowned colleges of India and also involved in the field of research along with leading practicing of classical Ayurveda treatment. Authors believe in more about correction on the constitutional level of healing type of treatment skill in society.  


Isha Herswani


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


diarrhea in children, delay onset of puberty of childeren, malnourished & anemia like condition in children, lack of food intake in children, altered bowel habits of children, lack of mental focus in children, dadimashatak choorna efficacy

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