Contractility of Vorticella stalk

under some chemical stress conditions

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Vorticella stalk contraction is a unique type of contractile system as there is no need of energy currency in the process to facilitate it. On the other hand, negative charge neutralization by Ca++ sequestered from intraluminal storage sites of endoplasmic reticulum found inside the spasmoneme of the stalk in the cytoplasmic matrix facilitate contraction process in miliseconds. Thus the system is of unique type on which some selected chemicals effects have been utilised to know their novel characteristics.In this investigations, lower pH has reviled its positive sensitive effect in contrast with Ca++ concentration gradients. DNFB (2,4-dinitrofluoro benzine) on the same way reflected its positive effect at defined concentration for prolong treatment in their experimental medium. Here in this system, considered as artificial rather than natural system referred positive protoosmotic phenomena around the proteins of the Vorticella stalk responsible for its contraction-extension cyclic processes. Torsion-detorsion rotational dynamics in the process provides uniqueness through which stalk rotates like a right handed screw during contraction.


Amit Kumar Verma


I myself Dr. Amit Kumar Verma has completed my Ph. D. in Zoology from JPU, Chapra, Bihar, India for the work done under the supervision of Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Singh for my work submitted in the form of thesis entitled as "Studies on contractility of Vorticella stalk under some chemical stress conditions" now in the form of a book in your hands. 

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Vorticella, stalk, Contraction, pH, Ca++, DNFB

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SCIENCE / Zoology