Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality for Handling Glossophobia

Creating a Virtual Environment to Help People for Overcoming Their Fear by Providing Exposure Therapy Recommendations

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Helping people overcome their fear when facing a public gathering is the main objective, our project tries to correct. This is a mere condition, which can be reversed using behavioral analysis and constant practice. Improvement from exposure therapy can be seen only when there is enough contact with the created virtual environment as it might take time to adapt to the virtual environment and get trained by it. Though it may have some disadvantage, continuous monitoring can be done only with the help of the virtual environment.An environment was created based on the comments received from the participants when they were asked to use an existing system and they wanted variations in the levels they were getting exposed to and also expected the environment to be more interactive and have various additional add-ons to explore in the virtual environment. Thus keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind we made use of the unity software to create the necessary levels for the game and used logistic regression algorithm to select the participants and using the k means clustering algorithm we decided on the progress of the participant.


M. Nirmala Devi


I am Dr.M.Nirmala Devi working as Assistant Professor, CSE Department in Thiagarajar College of Engineering and did my Ph.D at Anna University, Tamilnadu,  India. My area of expertise is Data Engineering & Data analytics, OBE, CDIO, ABL and Student mentoring.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Logostic Regression, Unity Software, K-means clustering, virtual environment, Arduino model

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