Development of Polyaniline / Zinc Oxide Coating on Al

Development of Polyaniline / Zinc Oxide Coating on Al Plate for Improved Corrosion Protection

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Summary of the Book: Al2O3,PAni,and ZnO coatings were synthesized on Al using bath 1 and bath 2.The conditions for getting better quality coatings were optimized by carrying out at various concentration of aniline. The properties of the synthesized polymer coatings obtained from the above baths such as thickness and growth rate were evaluated. From the studies, it can be concluded that the properties of the polyaniline coatings increase with increase in the concentration of the electrolyte. At optimized conditions, the coatings are uniform and more stable. Further, 0.05M of zinc nitrate at 12 V for 30 min yield better coating on the polymer coatings and above 12V leads to peeling. Finally, we conclude that maximum thickness 39.6 µm and growth rate 0.92µm/min are obtained for coating formed in 0.2M aniline with 0.05M zinc nitrate electrolyte at room temperature.From SEM analysis, it can be concluded that the Alumina coating on Al has some cracks . But polyaniline coatings are strong and smoother. From the corrosion studies, it can be concluded that the synthesized polyaniline-ZnO coatings have very good corrosion resistance than other coatings.


R.Mohan Raj


Author Dr. R. Mohan Raj is working as Assistant professor of chemistry in J.K.K. Nataraja college of arts and science , komarapalayam and he has both industrial and academic experience in past 10 years. He has rich experience in research field. He published more than ten research papers in well reputed journals.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Corrosion, ZnO Coating, aluminium, electrodeposion

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / General