Watermarking Technology using Frequency Domain & Genetic Programming

[Based on Cloud Computing and Watermarking Algorithms Research Perspective]

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Over the years and of recent Journal report 2019, 13,020,821 data breaches of patient related information in the United States was reported. The advancement of multimedia technology via the internet has also created serious challenges of protecting electronic patient records. Among these there are obvious inconsistencies regarding the security and open systems that has been in computer science for years now. Hence this became very clear for research. There were very little or inadequate considerations of issues such as protecting the integrity of the content beyond simple methodological issues that Cloud not address concerns such as data confidentiality and copyright or privacy. Essentially, this book covers thorough literature search of existing watermarking techniques. We presents two combined watermarking algorithms namely: hybrid Algorithm-I and genetic programming (GP)- Algorithm-II. Design Science (DS) methodology was found adequate to carry out the research and implementation. Both algorithms were experimented with 512X512 and 256X256 medical images and other standard images such as Lena, Barbara, Baboon, Brain and so on against state-of-the-art watermarking techniques.


Abdul Joseph Fofanah


The author professional career started as a mathematics teacher in high-school. He have attained a Higher Teachers Certificate in mathematics & computing, B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science, M.Sc. in Computer Science and M.Sc. in Software Engineering respectively. He has done some research publications in information hiding, and software engineering

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


DCT, DWT, Watermarking, Healthcare, Cloud Computing, Genetic Programming, Algorithms, Frequency domain, Steganography, information security, Design Science, Image Watermarking, medical images .

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