There Was Another Country Southern Cameroons

The Rape OfFreedom, Justice, Rule Of Law, Equality, Accountability And Good Management

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This book takes the reader beyond the current events of skirmishes between the Common Law Lawyers, The Cameroon Teachers Union Associations, Civil Law Practice, Civil Society and the State. I wish the reader pleasant moments with these random thoughts of mine, hoping they form the first in a series, in an unfolding revelation of our rich historical past; the anvil for contemporary dialogue and the tool for constructing a better tomorrow. It is my fervent belief and hope that the reader who confronts lively and thoughtful statements on vital issues will be stimulated to ask some of the critical questions. Importantly, to search for the right answers and implement actions that usher unity and sustainable development for the common good and well-being of society. We have the opportunity for change; for creating an equitable world nexus so that no one is left behind, although this is often wasted because of our greedy behavior and attitude. The need for change, coherence and justice is imperative if we must succeed.


John Wilson FORJE


John W. Forje is an African Peace Scientist, Educator And Peacemaker. He has a PhD in Science And Technology Policy, has more than 10 published books. He is a member of African Association of Public and Administrative Management J. W. F. has received the Medal of Honour from American Biographical Institute.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


SOUTHERN CAMEROONS The Rape of FREEDOM, justice, Rule of Law, Equality, ACCOUNTABILITY AND GOOD MANAGEMENT: X-Raying the Politics of Conspiracy, Assimilation, Annexation and Occupation And The Call for Democratic Governance Renewal

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